Ashley Foster for Judge

Ashley Foster, Republican Candidate for Judge of County Court # 3

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Ashley Foster

Fighting for Victims

As a former prosecutor, Ashley has a proven track record of standing up for what is right.  She has achieved justice for many victims and fought for those unable to fight for themselves.  Ashley has shown mercy when appropriate and toughness when necessary.  

No Campaign Contributions Solicited from Attorneys

Ashley feels strongly that the current system where attorneys that donate to judicial campaigns is not the best system.  From the beginning, she has promised that she will never ask for money from those that appear before her. 


Ashley is a partner in the San Antonio law firm of Foster & Foster.  She handles important and complicated cases and represents people that have been cheated and have no where to turn.  Ashley has taken on much bigger law firms and gotten justice for her wronged clients.


Ashley does not ask attorneys for money, but appreciates donations from people that share her values. Ashley would appreciate your support but please understand, it will not affect any of her decisions in any case, ever.

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